Today a farmer has many responsibilities. The list, much like his day, is practically endless.

He is responsible for keeping his land efficient. Taking measures to ensure he is using sustainable practices and is never wasteful. He is responsible for his employees that he considers his farming family. Ensuring working conditions are safe. Making sure everyone is treated with the respect and fairness deserved by all. He is responsible for delivering fresh produce to store shelves as safely as possible. He is responsible for providing his crops water when there has been no rain. And responsible for praying for the rain to stop. He is responsible for knowing when to plant, what to plant, how to nurture with fertilizer and love, and then … when to harvest, pack, and ship. Then when to plant again. Then, after all of this … He is responsible for supplying nutritious foods to hundreds of families each day. At affordable prices.

And like all true farmers … Burch Farms loves all of our responsibilities.

For Burch Farms, sustainability means taking care of our ancestors’ land, so both our children and your children may have an opportunity to farm on it. We have been a part of gleaning programs long before it was called “Community Service.”  To us, community service is called doing what is right. We take care of our employees out of mutual respect – not because it is a federal law. And of all of our responsibilities, we are most grateful for our responsibilities to our customers. Grateful for each day we have the opportunity to supply safe, fresh produce

Our story is like our responsibilities. Endless. We love our story.
Services we provide:

Freight logistics - With years of logistics experience, we are here for you around the clock. Both full truckloads and LTL.

Value added packaging - Select from our many offerings, or ask about a custom service.

Custom planting - Do you want to expand to your locally grown program? We might be able to help.

Sweet potato, pumpkin, and butternut squash purees - Together with our grower partners at Yamco, we supply natural purees for a variety of uses and customers. Learn more at www.Yamco.net.